Jaw plastic surgery


Modern orthodontics has a wide arsenal of methods and techniques for various pathologies of the bite repair. In some cases orthodontics may be helpless if the anomaly dentition caused by an imbalance in the growth and development of the jaws.

Some bad habits in childhood (long-term use of dummies, thumb sucking) may contribute to the development of open bite; birth trauma, early removal of teeth - to the imbalances of growth and development of the jaws, etc.

Diagnosis and determination of the indications for orthognathic surgery usually includes: diagnostic casts of the jaws, a CT scan with 3D modeling, profilometry, cephalometry, x-ray examination. In some cases necessary to analyze the ratio of the jaws with the help of a special computer program. It also allows you to perform computer simulations of the expected result.

On the basis of the received data an orthodontist defines an overall treatment plan, which meets the patient, discusses the expected results, possible risks and complications. In some cases, the expected result can be evaluated using computer simulation.

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