Tips to take care of your foot before and after fungus treatment

fungus treatment

The foot fungus is the most common type of mycotic class diseases. According to official statistics, athlete's foot affects about 60% of the inhabitants of the planet, of all ages and social prosperity. There are many preconditions that contribute to the development of this unpleasant disease. The main of them are:
- Long-term presence in the humid and warm environment. Malicious fungal spores breed well in such conditions. In particular in the southern regions of the planet from such fungus suffer much more frequently than in the Northern latitudes.
- Failure to follow the basic rules of hygiene when visiting public pools, baths, saunas, etc.
- A weak immune system. Also, subject to the manifestation of foot fungus people suffering from diabetes, varicose disease, Raynaud's disease, obesity and other diseases that disrupt the blood circulation in the body.
- Wearing tight or uncomfortable boots and shoes. This contributes to excessive sweating and bacteria.
- Permanent stress can also cause the development of many diseases, including mycosis.

In some cases, the foot fungus can be transformed into toe nail fungus or spread on the hands or body. Often this happens because of an allergy, alien to the human organism fungal spores. In this case, the fungus nail treatment should start only after a visit to a specialist (dermatologist). As with the treatment of all types of fungal infections, at the toe nail fungus is used drugs of local spectrum and systemic drugs.

fungus treatment

Despite the abundance of available pharmaceutical drugs aimed at the fungus nail treatment, it is important to remember that it is best to start treatment after prior consultation with a dermatologist who will be able to determine the type of fungal disease and prescribe the most effective treatment. If you are already sick, remember that athlete's foot is a fungal infection and fungus thrive and reproduce only in moist environments. Eliminating humidity, you do not give these parasites multiply and spread.

Every day before going to bed, wash your feet with a regular soap and warm water, make sure that the skin is not much pulp and softened. Cloth assembles and erases all the broken pieces of the skin, make sure none of them got you under fingernails. If the skin is severely inflamed, please refrain from using antifungal creams or ointments. In the morning use the powder. If antifungal powder also causes irritation, take starch-based powder or talc. Wear cotton socks, preferably white, for every day wear clean in order to avoid fungus nail treatment.

Arnold Vasquez, consultant physician, provides informative article on foot care and explains how to treat fungus nail with the help of procedures provided in Toronto clinics.

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