Great Features! is packed with useful and robust features that are more commonly found in very expensive plastic surgery simulation software applications.   As you will see, provides a tremendous amount of value at a price that anyone can afford. 

Realistic facial contouring,  body contouring, and photo-warping tools. 
Use the simple Grow, Shrink and Stretch photo editing tools which will give you realisitc looking changes as you implement your virtual plastic surgery simulation. 

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Side-by-Side "Before and After" Viewing  
You can easily see where you are at while editing your photo.  In the Side-by-Side view, both the Before and After (edited) photos are right next to each other so you can easily guage your plastic surgery simulation changes. 

  Drawing tools with text  
You can easily add drawings on top of your photo-warping images using a pencil, rectangle, oval, lines, arrows as well as text.  This lets you pin point items on the areas of the photo editing that you want to highlight.

 Results of the procedure "Before and After"
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  Remove Changes Tools
You can easily reverse or remove any changes you have made to your virtual plastic surgery photo:

 - this lets you incrementally remove any changes you have made to the Plastic Surgery Before and After photos from oldest to newest - one click at a time.

Reverse within Circle
You can quickly reverse any changes you have previously made to any part of the virtual cosmetic surgery photo. Just point your cursor circle over the area you want to reverse and click the "Reverse within Circle" button .  Your changes in that selected area will slowly reverse. This is a very handy tool if you would like to make changes to one area of the costmetic surgery simulation photo but not any other area.

Reset - this will reverse all changes you have made to the virtual cosmetic surgery photo in one single click. 

Erase - this will remove any edits made to the plastic surgery software photo with the drawing tools within the movable cursor box.
  Rotate your Photos 
You can easily rotate your "After" photo as well as flip them vertically or horizontally.

You can easily add watermarks to your photos.

  Save Photos in "Side-by-Side" View
You can easily save the Before only, After only, and Side-by-Side views of your photo through the photo editor.  The virtual plastic surgery software will create a new folder for you which will conveniently contain the original photo, the modified photo, and the combined side-by-side so you can easily identify changes you have made in different formats.  You can even adjust the size of the size while saving it.

  Print Photos
You can easily print preview and print out your photos from the virtual plastic surgery software.  You have the option of adding or removing the words "Before" and "After" text above each photo before printing.

  Web Camera Photos  
You can easily take a photo using your web cam and the image will automatically show up in the software so you can begin editing it.

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